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What determines a High Profile Domain Name? What makes a domain name a High Profile Domain?

Answer: What the seller is willing to sell a domain name for and what the buyer is willing to pay for a domain name are the biggest determining factors. If a domain name is 1 recognizable word, or a recognizable / popular word phrase it may also be considered or given a "High Profile" status.

The following is a small list of past High Profile Domain Sells...

sold for 14 Million
sold for 7.5 Million
sold for 5.5 million
sold for 3.3 million
sold for 3 Million
sold for 3 Million
sold for 2.9 Million
sold for 2.75 Million
sold for 2.2 Million
sold for 1.8 Million
sold for 1 Million
sold for $750,000
sold for $635,000
sold for $600,000
sold for $500,000
sold for $500,000
sold for $75,000
sold for $30,000
sold for $20,000
sold for $18,510

...A record 1.1 Million USD was paid for the three word domain... (a 3-word domain name) by The company "Best Online Casino Gambling" ( on July 17th, 2008

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